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Check out Ragmag's review of our current album "On Through The Night" which, according to the review, "takes a classic rock feel and brings it into today's playing field with synths, edgy tones, and a smooth approach."
Don't miss your chance to witness live performances of the album's tracks at our upcoming live concert: 2023/03/04 @ Ponyhof Frankfurt am Main. Info and tickets available here.

Enjoy the new full length video of our concert at KFZ Marburg in April 2022!

Check out our new live videos, the intro "Frost/Waiting For More" of our concert at KFZ Marburg as well as the Neronia classic "Cold And Strange".

New gigs! See you all there!

2022/04/28: Kulturzentrum KFZ, Marburg
2022/05/14: Goldene Krone, Darmstadt

New Neronia album "On Through The Night" out now along with new website. Listen to our new album "On Through The Night" now on Spotify and buy your copy here.